he could find no trace of inflammation of the sympathetic nerve; none was
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of cases throughout the navy was 121, while in the foUowing
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for the organ to move in, separating it from the bellies of the recti muscles, and
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The School for Practical Anatomy has been reorganized, and will be under the
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to prove an appetite, eating just because it is mealtime
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away at various distances from each other, and formed like the sur-
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the membranes. The membranes being ruptured, I was able distinctly to feel
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The first class comprehends those diseases in which the fibrine is constantly
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worthy that the Abb€ Hyacinthe not long ago addressed
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sidious affection of the kidneys or arteriosclerosis (hard-
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the retinal circulation as seen during sleep.^ He desired to
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dattmne, veratrine, and solanine. The work « thus essentiaUy a
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additionally to be affected by blood rendered irritating by rheumatic
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two followmg observations, in both of which a degenerated lens was
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quently absent, or otherwise inappreciable in the bodies of
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the pale blood-corpuscle and the pus-corpuscle might make it at
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resist the lithotritic instrument, was found, eleven days afterwards, to be
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" In the schools of the United States of America metereological
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repeated relapses. On his return from Florida, his general health was greatly
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period of its existence, be injected artificially from the neigh-
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was broken up into several pieces, and a large collection of
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is an important question, which time alone can determine; of the ten patients
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delivered. *^ The patient did weU. — Pamphlet, Turin, 1867.
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with blotches of extravasated blood, and the nates sometimes, but very rarely,
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Paris was in October; the disease did not cease tiU.the second week
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In induced or produced diseases, the point to be decided by the medical exa-
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six days were often removed and reapplied. The wound healed by the first
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other respects. And we trust that the efforts of those^
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practice of the London HospitaL Most of the cases were re*
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with a trivial interruption in the peninsula of Cape Cod, the sea washes a
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40. Threads of Caoutchouc for Sutures. — Thomas Nunneley Esq., of Leeds,
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fitremely &tal. The adjacent islet of Marie-Qalante, a dependency
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vaccination could be performed, so as most certainly to ensure success, and to
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velopment/Mn ''cases of inflammatory hypertrophy of the cervix/'