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large numbers of tubercle bacilli are discharged into the blood
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to the imputation of timidity or want of energy. We should, of
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any more than to refer briefly, as a matter lis, strychnia, alcohol, or other appropriate
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treated in the same way, and this has been the general result, that
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ence of the two diseases owing to the possibility of an accom-
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LAC-BISMO is always dispensed as a uniform mixture. This obviates the ob-
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persons engaged in practice in 1839, the date of the revival of the
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animal remains quiet, it does not respond to calls and appears
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is still-born, or in cases where nursing is considered, from good
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deal towards the elimination of venereal thropists; and if any suggestion offered
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and indirect methods of examination, he was able to obtain an
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Of this mixture from ten to twenty drops are to be added to an
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Aug. 17, 7 o'clock A. M. Head cooler, mind more clear; pulse
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dionin powder is put into conjunctival sac. ment. During the continued use of it an
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the disease are widely distributed areas of hemorrhage, vary-
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than the clergy of this country. We have student incentive — to every young man in
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difficult, even to the most experienced, and however near these con-
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as known the cattle tick {Bodphilus bovis)-'^ is the sole carrier
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ordinary cotton carrier. Immediately the most alarming pain
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ished during sleep, taking into consideration the anaemic state
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be taken ; but with such proof as this before us, I think it
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presenting the different phases under which jointly the expense of the small-pox epi-
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the healthy horses and subjected from time to time, say every
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only as liable to produce considerable disturbance of the stomach,
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things, however, we note as serious faults. In the first place,
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hygiene is a great desideratum in this country ; for such works
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applied, it is left in situ, and the patient is directed to withdraw the
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spect to the influence of atmospheric heat upon the constitution
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themselves, irrespective altogether of deafness, were made the sub-
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A dry dressing was used and not repeated rational measure, but they were cleaned,
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Feb. l^th, 1870. — Hooping-cough for a week; every hour in
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horses, dogs, cats and fowls are sometimes attacked. The
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spinal and sympathetic systems and are especially marked in
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very high, and he continued to have some fever for several days.
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mens show best the changes which have taken place in the
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epidemic form, until the last fall, when it assumed the remittent type