lent spasmodic croup, etc., the apex and anterior l>orders of ihe lungs are

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symptoms continue from a few hours to a week ; usually, however, about


abnormal increase in the capacity of the chest, due to excessive growth of

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these cases are tubercular. It matters little, since the treatment is

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ever been found in them ; sometimes they start from the wall of a ves-


No. 4. Bacillus Tuberculosis (tissue). — Giant cell of a miliary tubercle

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from, or occurs with similar processes in the respiratory or otiier portions

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fort. Tenderness and extreme sensitiveness of the mucous membrane may

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and severe. Murmurs are usually due to the accompanying anasmia. Ee-

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tened, Avhile the mtracondylar space will be marked by a depression.

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suppuration (purulent infiltration) ; (3), abscess; (4), gangrene; or (5),

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fully note the effect of the first few doses. If it acts beneficially, a favor-

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homogeneous substance in the primitive muscular fibres, which gives the

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four hours after the injury. They disappear without serious damage.

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quently it comes on at night. The relapse may be ushered in by a chill, or

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later it becomes muco-purulent. Hgemoptysis is co«imon ; and hectic

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ery. On the other hand, those who oppose opening the abscess say that

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Percussion elicits dulness if the dilatation is filled, or if it is sur-

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extensive contusions are best treated by rest and a suitably applied

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or precede the typhoid symptoms. There will be cough and the character-

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It is difficult to determine the period of incu'bation, or length of time

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Differential Diagnosis.— The diagnosis of intestinal hemorrhage is not dif-

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the alveoli in the older parts of the tumor contain cells undergoing

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chronic intestinal catarrh in children. Syphilis is probably its most fre-

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Reaction.- -The pabulum upon which bacteria thrive, to be most

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initial fever may be very intense. Very soon, in either case, occurs a

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treme dyspnoea, the interference with the general capillary circulation, and the

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life of the typhoid eruption, establish the diagnosis beyond question.

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more or less inflammatory change developed in the muscular tissue of the

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be extremely difficult to make out. The diagnosis may be clouded under

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abscesses occur first in the liver, since the blood must pass through the

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than improved the patient's condition. Antispasmodics, nervines, quin-

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nomena of the chill. The chills of pyaemia occur irregularly, rarely at