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dilatation of the sella. As soon as a tumor attains
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modern literature is well- exemplified in Sylvester's
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disease, and psychasthenia is a constitutional defect
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of St. T.ouis. observes that acute nephritis results
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sulphur furnace, facilities for the disinfection of the cloth-
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crystalline "active principles" {alkaloids) have been
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cutaneous tissue over the insertion of the deltoid.
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the point in question will be reached in due course
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channel or cavity which is devoid of epithelium and
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generally contraindicated because it is not desirable
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McDonell, W. N., Passed Assistant Surgeon. Detached
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bile vessels in the right and left halves of the male
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professional characteristics by equestrian honors that
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tive operations (resection of joints, excision of tu-
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of arteriosclerosis and it has been shown that their
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