cent during the day, but it is extremely acute during the night.
bined or not, according to circumstances, with a full dose of opium ;
crepitation does not exist at all, or is replaced in a few hours by
standard, or below 97.4°.] He finds deglutition difficult and pain-
motorial phenomena, are thus classified by Dr. Reynolds:
instrument is pushed nearly to the bifurcation of the trachea, a
On the morning of the ninth day the thermometer indicated 103°
seems to abound in saline material, such as chlorides, lime, mag-
only that such symptoms are present, but that they can detect such
brain is occasionally softened. The spinal membranes are affected in like
toms may for a time be the only ones. Hence has arisen the appar-
and smart impulse, but limited within a diminished cardiac region.
" rises acid," to use a common expression of such patients, but more