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4is yet no reliable record of the body-heat.) These s} T mptoms soon worsen ;
6[Or it may be combined with iodine: R. Iodinii, Ji-^i Olei picis (sp.
8The presence of water in the abdomen may be determined by
9between the large and small pastern or between the small
10Restorative Treatment of Pneumonia, 3d eel., Edinburgh, 1866), it would
11ment, — better food, moral discipline, and a change of surroundings. In
15they may also be heard in the femoral veins in their maximum
16where it infiltrated the fine connecting tissue and minute bloodvessels of
17xvi. p. 432), studying 70 cases of tuberculosis of bones and joints
18extent, at least, the welfare of invalids and the sick would be better
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22Diagnosis. — Pneumonia is distinguished from phthisis by the pre-
23erysipelas, gout, and trichinous disease (see page 843, vol. i).
24Davis, Sibson, Latham, Fuller, and Gairdner, in this country, have
26its nurse's lap unable or unwilling to raise the head. It seems half
27plain some of those curious instances of phthisis being apparently
28jured, as in compound fracture, or in the surgical procedures of
29tilages) are always equidistant from the middle line, but the left is
30condemns hard purging with jalap and other hydragogue cathartics, and
31is rarely any false membrane ; but a cheesy, friable substance is occa-
33afterwards in a separate work, entitled Leueocythaimia, or White-cell