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" On the Exploration of the Chest and Abdomen," in the first vol-
even, some lobules being quite prominent. The lungs are frequently
as typical of duodenal ulcer, and of finding an ulcer in the lesser
as well as with (according to Meckel) the auriculo-temporal branch of the lower
had not been discovered or dealt with during life. Pathologists,
only when the iufiammation exists between the Cuneiform and
puriform, and is occasionally streaked with blood. Fever con-
21 of his cases of carcinoma in this region, after the patient was
weeks. The late Sir Henry Marsh found bloodletting of service
[Irritation of the urethra in the male, and pruritus vulvse in the female,
outwards, and it not unfrequently happens that the whole granule is
The physical signs denoting a few small scattered tubercles are,
people. It is only by the exercise of such self-denial as is implied
of carbolic acid are also of use in counteracting decomposition of
as to give rise to loss of function, which might prove more or less per-
tirely by local symptoms and physical signs, and therefore having
aim of this account, therefore, is to put the student in possession of
the dose may be diminished ; but the use of the remedy should not