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Constitutional Origin of Scrofula Departing from the limited con-

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indicated. The local applications most useful are solutions of nitrate

the pulse becomes rapid and feeble, the tongue brown and dry, and

the mischief which has already occurred ; for in patients that have

The gummatous nodule has now been recognized and described

the form of small masses of brownish pigment scattered through

The principal causes of Thrush and Canker are filth from

that no general rules for its management can be laid down. If there is

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The chief cause of the extraordinary frequency of phthisis in the Euro-

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the Brompton Hospital for consumption. From these records it

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(8.) Harsh, rude, broncho-vesicular (Flint), vesiculobronchial, (Da

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rheumatism are referable to the presence of lactic acid developed

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Ships also afford additional evidence of the truth of the hypoth-

where mitral, and still more often aortic murmurs have been gener-

patient, as in cases of Bell's paralysis, where the trunk of the nerve

health. The general circulation is feeble, the weak pulse and cold

tumor may present to the naked eye the character of encephaloid,

1. Course of the Pyrexia, as measured especially by the Thermometer and the