of melancholia, in its early stage, are easily moved to tears by trivial
ters, and that of the fathers to sons. Legislative enactments
cylinder, and not against a disC (Fig. 49). It has great power, and the
Other otologists, however, consider that it is impossible to be
" As soon as the disease is determined, if the patient be in a state
out which threw light uix)n many hitherto obscure jxiints. The
Two cases are reported by Taylor in which the use of iodide of potassium
wood, which contrasts with the light yellow hue of the healthy portions.
cut off the hard-working men of the intellectual class — e. g., the
furnish the best means of subduing constitutional irritation in
solid portion remains as a thick, inspissated, or concrete mass ; and
mixed with blood, and the more fluid portion can be readily sepa-
{Pathology and Treatment of Albuminuria, p. 21-22).]
regularly and did no laborious work (7. c. p. 375).]
the autopsies I have witnessed or made, demonstrated the existence of
a negro. The pigment is deposited in granules, but in some instances
shrivelled after the fluids escape ; the convolutions are thin, and
i and ii. 1868. Medical Ophthalmoscopy. Brit, and For. Med.-Chir.
[Irritation of the urethra in the male, and pruritus vulvse in the female,
testines may be inferred to exist from the large quantities of serous
great oppression. Although before the operation he is quite weak,
light, tadpoles, flies, colored areola? around the flame of the candle,
measured in tenths of an inch, when, say 300 grammes pressure was on
necrosed bones, of tumors developed in the vicinity or in the sub-
cells, are fatty or amyloid. (2.) The amyloid degeneration of the kid-
Apply a large linseed meal poultice to the affected side,
atmosphere highly charged with electricity (Crawford, Barclay) ;
of clear resonance on percussion may extend considerably beyond its
whether a tumor is malignant or not. There are cancers not formed
by the finest connective tissue, but never large cells like those of cancer.
anti-pneumococcic scrum. This helpt-d the child considerably.
substance of the heart is hypertrophied and atrophied ; but it may
dark-red pulp. Under the higher powers (above 250) the nature
and hopes, if his wife should bring him to their shops, they will
lower limbs, and the gait becomes tottering and feeble. All move-
hair. In short, as Dr. Jenner observes, " the general aspect of the