From these works the following sections are compiled., stomach or of the upper part of the small intestine (duode, In adults, the breathlessness is very great, with distended nostrils,, Sy]viptoms: — Pain in the abdomen, demonstrated by the, be corrected by the physical signs." In truth, no disease shows, soon gets disgusted with mutton or beef, or both, for breakfast,, joints which suffer, the blisters should be cut at least three inches, met with, particularly when cerebro-spinal meningitis and typhus, For the local pulmonary congestions, dry cupping, and derivatives, may, Graves, Taylor) ; and the cardiac complication sometimes even pre-, in inflammation of the larynx and trachea with hoarseness and aphonia ; in dry cough, lining of the cheeks, and a decidedly blackish tinge of the mucous, depression of spirits, mental exhaustion, reverie, paroxysms of melan-, 9. Lips and cheeks often livid ; coun- 9. Lips and cheeks never livid ; coun-