hypertrophy is now disbelieved, except as a congenital malforma-

cases, the lines of the minima are very different. On this depends

grains, = 11.5 grammes, or 177 grains, of chloride of sodium in

rheumatism, in purpura hemorrhagica, in typhoid and typhus fever

four months was only 3.54 per cent, of the entire number of cases of all

Dr. A. S. Thomson's Thesis on the Influence of Climate on the Health and Mortality

inflammation assumes a higher degree, the most markedly red ap-

food, with fatigue and mental anxiety ; exposure to cold and wet.

a. Partial and uniform comparatively [Example, Monomania] ; or

See : On Optic Neuritis as a Symptom of the Diseases of the Brain and

also to be set down as causes which bring about the development

not satisfactory, and neither Gull, Leroy, or W. A. Hammond (quoted by

In severe seizures resembling apoplexy the bowels should be

case, or by an enema in the other ; the patient should be supported

likewise, has no other appearance of disease than that of being flat-

Their contents then escape and crystallize as the solution gradually

the exception that they derive their nourishment from the

color, flabby, and easily torn---a condition which speedily leads to

the extremity of the index being placed so as to regulate the depth of

If the patient lives in a town, she ought to be sent into the country ;

French towns, of 240 taken, 120 died. In one Swedish epidemic, of