the canal by apposition is completely shut up. The bloodvessels
Sulphate of copper, 90 h grains ; neutral tartrate of potash, 364 grains;
of the gland-tissue, atrophy of the mucous membrane of the intes-
and others, and "tuberculous" by some, there are realty no histological
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more impressive. He thanked Dr Dawson Turner for his kindness
Even when the presence of the saccharine principle has been so far
The deaths from phthisis in the British navy, during three years, aver-
die of pericarditis, while a proportion, varying from 3 to 8 per cent.,
by the continuance of the affection. As death approaches, the
Edin. Monthly Med. Journal, 1854, p. 281 ; Med. Times, Feb. 1, 1862,
been wanting in some outbreak of cerebro-spinal meningitis, or in the
in the same regions of the two sides of the chest, and this should be
out, we shall have a rubbing sound ; and, lastly, if pus be poured
four subordinate tactile senses : 1st. Temperature ; 2d. Pain ; 3d. Muscular action ;
In the second series, when nitrogenous food was taken, the urea
the parts in pharyngitis, elongated uvula, and tonsillitis, is relieving; weaker solu-
It appears difficult in every instance to ascertain at what part
favored in this respect. The facts most favorable to the acclima-
half of Australia. It embraces the most healthy regions of the
Army Medical Department for 1862 (published in 1864). The deter-
deteriorated lood; keeping in ill- ventilated filthy stables,
of the nervous condition of which the succeeding respiratory phe-
authorities in the profession, who have had large means of clinical ob-
f Collection of dumb-bells, such as often forms the nucleus of a calculus (after Dr.
when attempting to urinate: sometimes pain is so severe as to
as in tickling, convulsions occur in the limb, although the patient
peculiar to the Specific or Constitutional class of diseases are to be
presented a very small canal filled by a coagulated substance.
a considerable degree at least, to the removal of those causes of disease
from cicatricial-like loss of substance of the inner coats, small local
hold my water," being a very general answer to the first inquiries of