1(2.) Perversions of Muscular Power. — Muscle is the instrument, and
2dangerous. If the patient is tucked up in the flanks, with a
3tion, with more or less difficulty of breathing, and rapidity of pulse.
7separated from the artery exactly to such distance as shall insure that
8the posts of the army are regularly abandoned as the hot or sickly
9the ventricular orifice, which makes this opening seem larger than in the
10as these growths degenerate and soften rapidly in the intestines, a
11ered that a complete and general metamorphosis of the inflamma-
13the lesions of the spinal cord (progressing peripherally) have not
14dinner, and supper : he consequently nauseates a meat diet, and
15our inspection the traces of hardness or softness of the pulse, as a
16adhesions in the abdominal cavity. The folds shown are very like
17dotted lines. The area of propagation of valvular murmurs is marked out by more
18of the heart, in place of jive or six, occur. The patient likewise is
21On striking the chest of a person in. health it returns a certain
225 months later, painless enlargement around the left ulna. Tuber-
23founded on experiments of a certain kind), that the brain-substance
24Thus died Dr. Chalmers, the eminent Scotch divine. It is a mode
25adherent to the adjacent parts, but their structures appeared normal.
26far the worst ; (2) the alkaline tonic decidedly the best. The general
27and carefully conducted microscopical investigations will, very likely,
29ance) shows at >a glance the great diversity in the amount of sickness and
33extremities, and chest ; and is seldom developed on the face or scalp.
34purgatives, especially by calomel and scammony, and by cold appli-
35quency : (1.) Through the lungs (from 10 to 30 per cent.); (2.)
36ebral hemorrhages) has been exclusively limited to the face (Graves,
37Some, with the ancients, refer it to a morbid condition of the
38are thus far cases of chronic rheumatism ; but when they are at-