1subsidence of the pain, however, is not followed by any amend-
3they should in no sense be looked on as curative, or even remedial, but
5umns. Localized areas of some widely-spread degeneration have
7expressed, thus showing their subjective nature. Esquirol, for ex-
8tion of detachments of troops among whom the disorder had prevailed or
11ease may extend over four to five weeks. After the commence-
13paper is, that it more clearly defines, and renders precise, the patho-
15regarded as a parasitical element in that body, alike foreign and
161. Nucleated cells — free and not embedded in any formed interstitial
17cesses in twenty-sis cases (mostly healthy, and none either albuminous or diabetic),
18exterminated. Those who have to care for the sanitary state of
19broken, and the probability is that the brain is rendered more irri-
20they are also encroached upon and rendered powerless by the growth of
21should be made ; and if vomiting occur, it should be suspended ;
22porary relief to important symptoms which indicate the involve-
23nerves, thereby exhausting it so completely as to occasion a palsy of the
24on the seat of injury ; the higher up, generally the sooner fatal. (3.)
25Turgescence and pulsations in the jugular veins are to be appre-
26ceded for several days by giddiness, so that the child stumbles or
27left anterior lobe of the cerebrum, and indeed of the whole brain.
28for months without causing the faintest shadow of uneasiness or
29occurred of sudden sunstroke, — i. e., of insensibility instantly in-
30right auriculo-ventricular orifice, and so permits regurgitation
31of their extent; (2.) The saccular, or ampullary, in which there