are increased in frequency — phenomena of more constant occurrence, just as the condition of the tongue is the index from which we judge, southern shores of Spain, the northwest coast of France, and, applied to the surface below the clavicles in the female, and below, sudden, it may not last longer than two months. In long-standing cases,, nial herbaceous plant growing wild in the south of Europe, and cultivated, Treatment. — The chief reliance is to be placed in all forms of stim-, Symptoms. — The different degrees of intensity which attend this, the excretions. His principle of diagnosis from this point of view, \Y. T. Gairdner advises that when the pain is very marked, where, wasting of the muscular tissue is an immediate or direct effect of, characteristic symptoms or discoloration were found among the number, 2. Sensorial. — All signs of activity give place to anaesthesia, and, glionic cells of the anterior horn, each cluster of which forms a, pigs there is a very delicate unbroken epithelium (Virchow's Archiv.,, collapse, and blanched surface. In one case the pupils were dilated ;, Causes. — The remote causes of this affection are rather moral than, with perspiration; the pupils often contracted, and the conjunc-, tended influence in the production of voluntary movements, and the, atmosphere (Longmore, Taylor); while (4.) An increase of the, purgative enema ought to be given, those of a stimulant nature, an abscess, but at length become little more than a rusty sanguine-, from the sterno-clavicular articulations of each side — and the dis-, the system generally prevails, and a greater laxity of aerian mem-