vated by lying on the right side, apparently from the greater weight

suddenly, showing paralysis to have been the starting-point. The voice

quite frequently the animal will bloat; constipation; in three

extravagant delusions respecting their homes. This mental ex-

cumbed untimely to the tubercle bacillus. potent by far of death-dealing agencies.

ance of fatigue and mental excitement, the maintenance of temper-

28. In this fa'tus the ileo-colic artery is seen lying in a fold of

In the 64 post-mortem examinations recorded by Griesinger, the kidneys

Aortic obstruction or contraction enlarges relatively all other

daj^s, and is no doubt due to retention of water in the febrile body.

it was withheld altogether when the patient was weak, or the dis-

or of any other part of the bod}', being produced in the human species by

gether, the ?nass is to be formed into a conical shape, and being dipped

Dr. Gregory used to mention, in his lectures, the case of an officer

tonsil bursts, or till resolution is complete. The degree of prostra-

"Weakened digestion from over-fatigue may be often restored

and of irregularly shaped and apparently shrivelled or wasted cells, filled

The enemata should be as small as possible, from two to six ounces

termed the " pulse of unfilled arteries." In well-marked examples

sanity are to be controlled and ultimately effaced.

good for a time, and then has appeared to cease ; and in a fifth, and yet

'Group I. — Simple Inflammations (allied to Simple Dermatitis).

of the liver ; and it is always hollowed out, though to a less degree

cancer-mass now described, namely, the stroma and the cellular