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pressure. [In the late epidemic in Ireland (lSGG-eT) the common form
out any suspicion of the spleen being affected. On examination,
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by Government for the physical training of recruits before and after
where, while in 1897-98 17 per cent, of the milk was tuberculous, it
to be reproduced after an operation for its extirpation than any
\_Rupia escharotica, the most severe variety of ecthyma, is met with in
it : at other times the pus will not flow on a simple incision, but
(March, Barclay), and Indian medical officers can bear witness,
exhaustion as among the causes of reflex paralysis, and without denying
and abdominal muscles are paralyzed, and incapable of assisting in
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appear to have been the result of morbid states of the vessels of the
are large (Craig-ie, Bennett). The portion or spot about to soften
development, order of occurrence, and combination of the general
typical case is thus related by the late Dr. Brinton, whose mono-
erysipelas, gout, and trichinous disease (see page 843, vol. i).
opinion that if the corrupt and corrupting mass, in two cases which
cles begin to shrivel, the centre becomes yellow and opaque, and a yellowish