branous Pericolitis," Surg., Gyn., and ObsM., Sept. 1909). It is

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soft, easily lacerablc, and extensible. If, however, he survives a

of an inch. The terms used by Dr. Geo. Johnson, to whose researches

cular tissue of the heart. In one of these cases the impulse and

morbid states of the suprarenal bodies, are now so numerous that,

heart looks upwards and backwards towards the right shoulder.

in the axilla it often continues to oscillate during eight or ten minutes.

The cascum is neither " prolapsed," hypertrophied, nor dilated ;

(Louis) ; and when subjects in a state of scrofulous cachexia are ex-

of blood. (2.) From loss of other fluids of the body besides blood,

Motorial Phenomena associated with Hemorrhage into the Ventricles,

Thus, when a feather is passed lightly over the hollow of the foot,

seen to carry at its free extremity a little pen, which, filled with ink,

in children. They have received the name of " stomatitis." These

remedies ; and especially when followed by the tepid bath. He

horse may be attacked, and very severely, while others remain

very near to its centre of movement, by means of a bar of metal, b e,

effects. An advocate of the transformation theory, Dr. James F. Duncan,

Turning to the question of direct cNidence regarding the pre-

ever this is the case, the pulse assumes a form which is as distinctly