service, variously combined, according to the nature of the case (see
Thus died Dr. Chalmers, the eminent Scotch divine. It is a mode
wounds of the membranes of the brain were often followed by
the respiratory movements of the chest suspended ; the flushed face be-
that the brain and its membranes are occasionally found in every
Symptoms. — Chorea principally consists in singular and involun-
conjointly; most commonly, however, only one branch is affected,
impostor — an experiment productive of sudden, excruciating, and
potassium with the bromide : and it became almost at once evident, that,
Lastly, dissolve in a very little caustic soda and some drops of warm
blotches of vessels disposed in a stellate form, large enough to be followed
expressed by two- or three-tenths of a degree ; this is the least frequent
Such is a short outline of the course and phenomena of this de-
given instance, induce consumption with certainty, without some subtle
The experiments of Dr. Hammond, the late [Surgeon] -General of
Scilla?, f3-ss. Fiat haustus ter die sumendus (Maclachlan).
passed or thrown up, greatly exhausting the patient, and rapidly
good health, but more often shaken, exhausted, and suffering from
across the aortic orifice, with irregular vegetation over the sigmoid
not as deep as he would like and wishes to deepen it, did he regard