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Treatment. — Simple ulcers soon heal under the influence of water
veu.r par V Ophthalmoscope, Paris, 1866), recently communicated to the
form described as the disease known by the name of barbiers. It is
tion to "the diagnostic value of an accentuated cardiac second
bronchitis, its quality is also often affected by the presence of liquid
many as ten distinct subdivisions have been seen : they come from the
tions. This fluid varies in density from 1.30 to 1.074 (Becquerel) ;
In 34 cases, under 29 years, none; between 29 and 40, 10; 40 and 50,
the aorta sometimes arises from the two ventricles. Sometimes the
as it left the heart ; and (2.) By microscopic examination, which
wounds and amputations. I have investigated the branches of the portal
patients become extremely depressed and ill if water is withheld
of the cerebral substance from the accumulated fluid. As the fluid col-
hibited, and therefore cannot be inquired into. The condition is congen-
nerve-substance render it difficult to interpret the value of the
tion of symptoms indicative of hemorrhage into the ventricles
thus arranged in the order of their frequency by Dr. Walshe : (1.)
surface of this tumor contained many concentric layers of lymph,
I should, for obvious reasons, dissuade the occupation of the same bed,
pighian vessels, and an increase of urine, which at the same time is mixed
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stomach may be predicted with tolerable certainty by a peculiar
that a certain unfavorable type of cerebral disorganization tends
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In irregular strangles abscesses may torm anywhere on the
was the spinal cord examined ; and in four instances it was found