In contraction of the left auriculo-ventricular orifice, the pulse, in
or whitish, and resemble the expectoration of ordinary catarrh. If
with more or less fibroid substitution, together with a variable amount of
Journal, June 2, 1860), and is probably a unique example of pneu-
of the vessels surrounding the sacculi of Peyer's patches. Virchow
wards the correction of faulty digestion. The surface of the erup-
free perspiration is to be encouraged by bedding the patient in
They are recorded in The Psychological Journal for July, 1857, already
The lameness does not depend upon the size of the curb.
minating by coma or apnoza, the specific gravity of the whole brain
and convulsions take their origin. Experience has convinced Pro-
habits. The disease of the stomach with which one or more of these
ance in diagnosis — for example, sickness, headache, constipation,
With regard to bloodletting, there are three objects to be at-
which are sometimes alleviated by prussic acid, digitalis, or bella-
not tubular in quality ; expiration is of lower pitch than inspiration. Its
lung is affected in greater part or wholly, its bulk is usually much les-
while for the weaker pulses it does not provide the means of adequately
IV. It may or may not be accompanied by Delusions, which may be either —
Feb. 6, 1841 ; and referred to in Prov. Med. Association Trans., vol.
or serum can be felt fluctuating, make a free opening and
The phenomena which at any time have presented themselves
variety of disease-processes and types of disease, may, nevertheless,
consisted of fatty granules. The muscular fasciculi could scarcely
ments there, as neuralgia, headache, &c, is to assume a remittent form,
jointly that we can arrive at the Natural History of a case, and so
general pathologist and practical physician. There may be cliffer-
7. Adult. — In this specimen I found a peritoneal fold lying in