1150. The ratio of the respiration to the pulse is therefore greatly
2ysm subsides gradually, when much wind is discharged, accompa-
3Frequency. — The fold was present in eleven (six males and
4It is from the performance of the vital functions by all these ele-
5ing partial invagination of the small intestines [Practice of Physic,
9of the head and neck, and upper part of the chest. It arrests the
10garian troops, described by Dr. H. Mapleton in Parliamentary Paper
11Hence milk rich in fatty matter, such as asses' milk, and milk
12than the female — "a fact," writes Dr. Brinton, "which it is impos-
13of degeneration (see vol. i, p. 118), in the heart, as well as in other
14cases, there would seem to have been only a temporary aggravation of
15(1.) Jaundice from Suppression or Non-elimination of Bile-Elements, 914
16aid reconstruction. " Chronic alcoholism," writes Dr. Marcet, " is not to
17ment of bloodletting by venesection, even in severe cases. In all
19in a case of fatty degeneration of the heart, and in a case of peri-
20impaired digestion, absence of fever, vigorous nervous system, quiet
21the secretion is at the same time dried up. This is well seen in the
22quantity of urine passed, — in some instances only as one to four ;
23movement. Second, The attack is less sudden than in cases of con-
24extensive membrane formed by an appendix epiploica. It has a free left border
26are apt to increase in depth as the disease continues, sometimes
28Throbbing of the temporal and other arteries, a sense of fulness
30checking the increased formation of colorless corpuscles ; but it
31M„„„„ t.l^i,; Moist crackling, . . Less fine,
32than the rule in this disease. The cause of this is, that many con-
33The essential juices of the stomach and of the intestines play a
34of the epigastrium, along with heartburn, flatulence, and constipa-
35then called pneumonia ; or the pleura may be inflamed — a condi-
36both in character and duration. In a severe fit there is sudden great em-
37There are at least two ways by which the reflex action from the