1case it came on at the age of ten, first in the muscles of the thigh, then
2= A X 2.33 for diabetic urine, and by 2 for most cases. Supposing
3"When dropsy appears, diuretics 3'ield most relief in the form of
4[According to Reynolds (I. c, p. 264), the relative frequency of the
5nute vessels of the substance of the heart are lacerated. In one
6whence it finally passes nearly horizontally outwards and down-
8ventricle. Laennec mentions two cases in which a tumor of a glob-
9is to be gained by the abstraction of blood at this time and in this
10had the opportunity of seeing in two cases of so-called fibroid tumors of
12distinct Volition. During the profound coma of the attack at the
13sources and in other ways, and is no longer derived solely from the
14fully, and the functions of the digestive organs improved and
15tolerably fetid. There is generally enlargement with tenderness of
16second stage, it becomes still more tenacious, reddish, or rust-colored ;
17him to see a man who had been operated on twice for an obscure
18logical causes — namely, those of the Zymotic class, and which are
19conium. Opium in narcotic doses {%. e., above a grain) is inadmissible
20" It comes ,on a sudden towards the close of January or beginning of
21toms, and shooting pain of head; impatience both of light and sound;
22one time. The oxide and nitrate of silver-have also much repute. Dr.
23are fixed ; and, when he looks from object to object, he merely turns
24around the natural orifices ; the one, tactile sensibility, by which we dis-
25ognized in this country. Dr. Fuller, of St. George's Hospital, in
26two to three weeks. Thus there may be the symptoms of menin-
27smaller the organ, as a rule, though occasionally it retains its size, or this
28puerperal fever, or during Bright's disease, or the pleurisy may ac-
30posteriorly, by the scapula ; and below it extends to the margins of
31trate the corpus striatum, which lies immediately over this anterior
33gitis seem to have been constantly prevalent in various parts of Europe, —
37Dr. Barthez (Les resultats de la Tracheotomie dans le croup, Gazette
38The best idea of the contents of these regions is obtained by de-
39from a few minutes to two, three, or more hours. These fits readily