North, Elisha : Treatise on a Malignant Epidemic, commonly called Spotted Fever,
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[Crepitant rhonchus] is very seldom present in advanced life. In
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on the Diseases of Tropical Climates, that of all conditions incident
times more frequently sufferers than boys. Dr. Todd's experience
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ters, brought by the splenic vein, contributes to hyperemia of the
pathic fevers, and other acute disorders. Its nature is different from that
pectedly seized with a pain, which attains its greatest height on
But, to confirm this view, it ought to be shown that the dilated
but as soon as deglutition becomes imperfect, death is rapid.
ness was marked,»but where there was loud bronchial breathing. More
2. In the second, the asthenic, or chronic form of beriberi, the
he dies delirious or comatose. Retention of urine generally per-
The distinguishing characters of meningeal from cerebral diseases
panies such cases, and the fact that they yield to those remedies
all the remedies for epilepsy, and from its use not only obtained allevia-
strength ; dysentery, diarrhoea, and cholera, by 58 per 1000 ; eruptive
symptom varies much according to the period at which it is met
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