1local disease. This last assumption, however, is decidedly a very bold
2trition is faulty, and the subjects emotionally impressionable.
3bring to the bedside of the sick, minds well stored with professional
4should also be administered, while iced drinks and low diet must
5ceived with qualifications. The observations of Dr. John Grairdner
7Treatment. — English physicians recommend emetics and purga-
8destroying angel, spread its wings on the blast," and added to the
9the salt is discharged in considerable abundance in a fluid state.
10longing to Edward Hoppel, near Eel Kiver, Allen Co., Ind.,
11heart is, as it were, naked, and lying in one cavity with the lungs
12MCCW'* , *ij(Tj(^'^(Oi.OiOiOiOi.'3atOtOCDOtDl>Wl>t^l^XXXX
13of iron, quinine, and strychnia may be given (see page 95) ; or the
15gross living, great and indiscriminate consumption of animal and
16recurrent epithelioma of the tongue, where the progress of the case
18the continued fever of typhus and typhoid, pneumonia occurs as a
21patient to an earlier grave than might else have awaited him."
23tion of symptoms indicative of hemorrhage into the ventricles
24children in whom the disease has been observed early and carefully
25on the Diseases of Tropical Climates, that of all conditions incident
27some natural excretion of the skin, and he grounds his belief chiefly
28Fig. 1. Adhesive Plaster (P) applied on either side of
29thing in common between epidemic cerebro-spinal meningitis and typhus,
30in which Dr. Salter has noted this circumstance, he found dis-
31Prognosis depends upon circumstances, and upon the presence and
33from a burette graduated to Lth c. c. (6.) Stir each time, and wait
36III. Inflammation of the Capsules of the Liver (Perihepatitis) and
37they have been observed in the infant under three months old.
39The symptoms, therefore, of acute endocarditis being detected,
40There are thus two states to be distinguished, namely,- — (1.)
44region ; while the intestines occupy some of the inner part of the
45pened at Nassurpoor on June 15, 1843, 43 were fatal. Of 53 cases re-
47Pathology and Symptoms of Cardiac Degeneration, .... 634
49exit of the nerve from the intervertebral foramen, and that the
51occasional purgative. When congestion is known to exist, leeches