2theory, is that which has resulted from observations made upon the
3The Report was discussed and finally adopted by the Society at a
7but exceptional cases, our experience leads us to believe that the
8well, the patient should be directed to open his mouth widely. The
9hydrates, and abundant salts. The vegetable salts are most valu-
10the heart's action. " Generally," writes this distinguished physician,
11extremely predominant in yelloiv tubercles. 2. Nuclei of cytoblasts of
13rosis to those forms oi' anaemia whose causes are unknown. The
16in hysteria which has led those less skilled in female arts to be-
17In the 64 post-mortem examinations recorded by Griesinger, the kidneys
20to take its course. Sometimes bog spavin causes thorough-pin
21the nipple several daj^s before the acute pneumonic symptoms appear,
24essary to open the abscess ; but generally it bursts of itself,
25growth of tubercle in scrofulous affections or with the specific
26growth present on the right side. A tube of radium was again
27however, be scant or wanting throughout. These symptoms rapidly
28believes this to be due, not solely to the hypertrophy of the ventri-
32ceeded from a primary affection of the spleen and lymphatic glands,
34associated with such a lesion, the histories of which are scattered
35of the secreting organs. The same remarks hold good with regard to
36first so strenuously and ably advocated by Sir James Clark, that
37The convulsive movements of the lips are also absent. In cases of
39and salts, of diluted phosphoric acid, as a drink in the daily allow-
41seems associated with disordered menstruation, or with rheumatism
42spinal accessory nerve (forming the external branch) arise, in com-
43103° to 106° and continues until about the sixth or seventh
44cerous growths, pneumonic gangrene, metastatic abscess or bronchial
45the majority of surgeons who had such forms of apparatus at tlieir
47case suffered from attacks of headache at intervals of a few months,
48portion to the extent of pulmonary tissue solidified.
49the stitch break out the wound will heal by granulation.
50ness, even when the sufferer is hying on his back. A propensity to gather