circumscribed fibroid deposits in the kidneys, S} r philitic tumors in the, ralysis of the bladder is indicated by diminished force in the stream, exhibit the same alterations. After a time the new material be-, leaving some mental, motorial, or sensorial faculty impaired for, contracted, and upon section looks striated and as if interwoven with, conjunctiva has a bluish-gray tint and is turgid, and the skin of the ex-, less accompanied by ague ; and the additional symptoms are proba-, may be successfully applied abroad. Sanitary officers are now ap-, Stone has reported in full an authentic case of this affection in the second, is said not to be increased in cases of acute yellow atrophy (see, in which the urinary excretion is large. The amount of the urine,, from it into the bowels, to be digested entirely by the intestinal juices., The lungs undergo dilatation of the air-cells, which dilatation does, confirmed masturbators of both sexes without a suspicion of epilepsy. The, one region, whilst the latter is symmetrical and shows a great tendency, in the intensity of some symptoms is occasionally seen, and others dis-, they often occur during life, giving rise to temporary bowel derange-, [Hirsch : Die Meningitis Cerebro-Spinalis Epidemica. Berlin, 1866. This mono-, the consistence of the white of egg boiled hard. M. Dance gives, in meningitis shows that they are studded with the exudation-cor-, disorder, particularly if the disease be at the base of the brain and in the, marked by sundry derangements of the nervous functions, such as, The careful and slow addition of sulphuric acid changes the deep, breathing prevails, rales and rhonchi are absent ; while vocal reso-, de cette decouverte appartient tout entiere a la France: (that is, to himself) c'est une, where there is an abiding source of dyspnoea. This descent and, every four or five hours, and it has likewise been given by the, period cannot properly be classed as such. From 1816 to 1860, casual, standing his extensive research ; and in the practice of other physi-, these circumstances are singular enough. Men have imagined, Convulsion. — The occurrence of universal involuntary muscular, ture into which the new growth is infiltrated. It is really and, disease progresses always rapidly to a fatal termination.