zontal. The line joining the summits of a series of pulsations is
The sputa then lose their muco-purulent character, and become ex-
gressive locomotor ataxy. Here the ophthalmoscope becomes of
by diminished resonance, it generally denotes tubercles ; heard in the
tissue of the brain of the child, so that his Moral or Intellectual
crackling of the joints will be heard, when the disease assumes
from the results of castration, and from injuries of any
work. Personally he could look back to the time when cases were
cases it appeared within the first twelve hours in 161, and in 11 of the
structure, and is always a pitiful production, a new-formation from its
their wines that have been referred to — namely, of alcohol, acids,
kinds of sensibility existed in the skin and the mucous membranes
eye, the bones, the heart, and lastly the bloodvessels. It has been
on by reagents (acids, alkalies, alcohol). Its characters are marked
Symptoms: — The animal walks with a straddling gait and
alterations of the breath-sounds are constantly masked, or temporarily
pelled onwards by the muscular contraction of its wall. And this propul-
researches into the nature of this disease have been most prolonged
Pathology. — Some confusion has arisen from the use of the term
course of dilated bloodvessels. In an early stage the pigment is
set. 32 ; Pott's puffy tumour with signs of pressure on motor area ;
noticed. All forms of disease may be present at once, sometimes
This sometimes consists of an inflammation of the hock
(6) J. J., female, set. 22, a case of glycosuria, presenting some
in the duodenum, together with the fact that gas is very often
sphygmograph is the most exact measurer of tension and index of
Definition. — An affection of the nervous system, associated with vertigo,
three hours to get the temperature of the atmosphere of the room. The
which the blood was greatly changed, as in typhus fever, or in
[By spirometry Ave measure the amount of air received into the lungs.
bottom of his carriage out during the paroxysm ; and Valleix men-
tincture of iodine, the first of which gives a dark-blue tint, is it