membranes of the nostrils; dryness of the mouth; a cough^
stimulating to the secreting organs, particularly to the skin ; they are
treatment which is here indicated. The patient ought also to be
* A little more phosphate of soda gives a better result — say t ^j.
bowels act regularly, or even suffer from diarrhoea.
ing metallic tone, between these, from gas in the stomach. Laterally,
igi2. • Wilkic, Edin. Med. Joum., May 1911. ' Katzenstcin, Arch. j. hlin.
there is an irritation of the sympathetic in the lower part of the
eventually fatal malady, the symptoms of which overshadowed
Special forms of mania may be noticed under the following heads :
opposition to the sex frequenc3^ Duodenal ulcer is four times more
gradually becoming lengthened, till at last the disease subsides.
adherent ; the surface, still smooth, is marked by a few superficial curved
noticed such a sound, and had correctly interpreted its meaning.
certain conditions. For example, a most interesting case of hepatic
in the form of a node on the shin-bone, or on some part of the true
Auscultation of Children. — Yery young children should be held in the
a malingerer; it was borne up without moving, and the fraud subse-
by more or less defined local lesions, of the nature of — (a.) Catarrh,
assing kind, may be connected with some understood morbid state,
considerably from the foregoing. The patient will act dump-
of the opinion that it prevailed epidemically in Europe at different periods
in the adult. More generally, however, taking all its forms, cases
disposition, except, perhaps, general weariness, or aching of the whole