of iron, quinine, and strychnia may be given (see page 95) ; or the
potash soap (soft soap, black soap — sapo mollis, sapo viridis), or a
take place during the first five years ; and the numbers invalided
half, commencing when she was four months and a half pregnant,
munity and comfort; the proportion of such cases to the whole number
condition may be bi- or uni-lateral, and is one in which, owing to the
pyema in which the patient suffers little pain, or any more marked
vena cava, innominate and jugular veins, the distension of the latter
localised spasm which went on to erosion. Then Mr WUkie had
states of the kidney may be various. There is scanty urine and frequent
To allay the pains in the palsied limbs opiates are of great value.
summit of the Alps, or in the narrowest streets in London. But
period. In this case the pulse exhibits characters which Dr. San-
place; then the pulse will become slower and fuller, breathing
very tine bloodvessels, so that the tumor is very succulent. (2.) The
ileum, caecum) to the ovary and Fallopian tube, or in the opposite
Diagnosis. — Pneumonia is distinguished from phthisis by the pre-
in extensive single, or in double, pneumonia there are not more than