conical crusts, marked by concentric rings.] The intense itchiness
reason to apprehend that the plan adopted is too energetic. The
of latitude, or rather with the different lines of equal temperature
water, burnt oatcake water. This last substance, used as a drink,
fall by their own weight, attached a heavy body to the extended hand of
limbs beg:in swelling, sometimes reaching an enormous size;
Gerdy. The incoordination is essentially a reflex disorder ; and the
duces or propagates some miasmatic diseases. It is certain, how-
selves in a morbid state, and which are now explained by the phe-
monstrated that in cases of acute rheumatism there is an absolute
in an unnecessarily awkward manner. The countenance tends to
vocal resonance, and whispering bronchophony, along with distant, moist,
Surg., 1 91 3. p. 691. 'Grey Turner, Med. Press and Circular, 4th September
miliary granules, resembling in appearance the Pacchionian bodies,
perfectly healthy. Every horse in a given stable may be
how an increased metamorphosis of tissue is going on in such cases ;
color, resembling boiled rice, which sink or partially float in a
the air is where it ought to be ; but the air-cells are too large and
that in percussion under a full inspiration, the resonance is increased
ampore, writes that, although most authors recommend mercury,
ease, are compiled from the writings of Walshe, Thompson, Wood,
quent, irregular, and thready, the surface cold and clammy, the expecto-
Of the apparently anomalous phenomena just described, the fol-
course of a long disease it becomes clean, or is only slightly foul.
these rocks that springs arise. The slightest frost produces fissures,
the trace. This can be well seen in traces collected from old per-
the realms of disease, which often too definitely manifest themselves