1Or, the zinc may be made into pills with the conserve of* roses.
2to join with the use of stimulants (both local, such as above men-
4the substance of the hemispheres or the central ganglia, four cases ;
6Rosarum, ^ij ; misce. A little of this solution is to be rubbed firmly over
7the first stage, according to Dr. Cheyne, being that of increased
8olygocythsemia); diminution of the whole amount of circulating fluid (oligsemia,
9and phagedenic, tending to putrefactions of effused or otherwise
10^iss. ; Pulv. g. Tragacanth. Co., 9ij ; misce bene. A sixth part every
11confirmed by those of Sir Gilbert Blane during the last disastrous
12fat, are to be avoided, as well as amylaceous substances. Aloes,
13highest temperature, and that it arises from general increased metamor-
14and seemed to be a valuable method of administering ether and
15Symptoms and Forms of Insanity. — No unobjectionable classifica-
18sign of emphysema ; and at the base of one or both lungs, and remote,
19flammatory diseases of the brain, when vomiting, is a constant
20incrusted with tartar as to form one solid mass, indicating at the
21some time before death. The symptoms then became identical with
22in 1000. Haughton's factor, = -=- .4348, or x 2.3. Dr. De Chaumont's factor, = -i-
23is often recovered from, and especially if the inflammation depends
24very rapid cure of the paraplegia follows the removal or cure of
25munity and comfort; the proportion of such cases to the whole number
26Medicated vapors and gases have been employed from very early times,
27were ascertained to belong to families in which Insanity had pre-
28form and variable size, upon each of which there arises a group,
29of their structures, is the usual lesion they present. The valves
34round. Much in all this depends on the habits and constitution of
35advised by Watson, Graves, Stokes, and Fuller. Professor W.
37young, the robust, and unacclimated. Drs. Levick, Gerhard, and H. C.
38Such cases were assumed to be cases of " Reflex Paralysis ;" and
40or fibrinous warty growths, or excrescences, as they are termed.
41slightest Emotion. Sleep and rest are lost ; he is conscious of more
44highly characteristic. Coma is frequently developed abruptly, and