occur, or occasionally the tonsils, after several attacks of acute tonsi-

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guarded, for the walls of the heart are in a weakened condition, and

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coffee. Cultures grow on agar and sugar or blood serum.

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seamstresses, factory emploj'ees — who live in a hot, close, dust-laden atmos-

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artery should be tied abo^e and below the tumor. Both vessels may

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cause excruciating pain. It can be applied during the day time and

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Next to the skin and mucous surfaces, the kidneys are the organs most

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death. Not infrequently they gradually pass into a condition where months

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Pruritis Ani. — This is a condition of obstinate and terrible itching

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slight, or no apparent alteration. The results of chronic bronchitis are

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oughly familiar with the location of the artery and the landmarks or

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to be introduced, all loculi of the cavity should be dug out. A

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3. Hysteria. — Where retention of urine is from this cause, the

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subsides with the occurrence of the effusion, and this sometimes leads to a

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very mild cases there may be no febrile reaction whatever. In xhe se-

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Impairment of the Function will depend largely upon the nature of

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cavity. In spite of its draw-backs, bichloride of mercury is generally

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tion or gangrene is present. We have no means of neutralizing the poison

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larly scattered over the internal wall of the heart cavities. When A'egeta-

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be propped up in bed, pressure should be kept from pressure-sores, and

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of their nucleus. Tubercles are non-vascular structures, no vessels have

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There is too much danger of infection, in fact, many cases of pleuritic

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ways occurs. The whole vessel becomes friable. Emboli form, and coao-u-

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neuralgiae have distinct intermissions, and so come to be regarded as masked

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