health, and containing, moreover, extraneous offensive matters in

tures. The form, though delicate, is often graceful. The skin is thin,

debility of the system ; or owing to disease in the lungs or pericar-

upon themselves the epileptic paroxysms for which they sought my

tending to fibrillation. The cell-elements are a little larger than

a course of iodide of potassium. He says : At Xetley during the invalid-

in chronic cases they often gradually lessen in severity, and the membrane

bases of mountain ranges ; partially inundated and irrigated lands,

of the body already existing being reabsorbed by the blood, to

lected. Such symptoms are not unfrequently permitted to exist

or some tumor pressing on the large vessels, and causing the effu-

be as limited as is consistent simply with the maintenance of life.

the seventh day, and usually from the seventh to the ninth.]

healthy state, and which had not been observed to be different

fever or other severe disease, are apt to suiter from neuralgic affec-

Symptoms or Phenomena of the Paroxysms of Angina Pectoris, . . 645

garded, therefore, by some, as a form of simple acute cerebro-

under which they respectively become developed, and therefore,

but not on the principle advocated by, or ascribed to, Valsalva.

usually surviving one or more years in the worst cases.

Characters of the Minute Tissue-Elements in Amyloid Liver — (1.) Gland-

Its varieties are acute and chronic dementia. Dements may become

and occasionally vomiting and faint jaundice, are the earliest symp-

Symptoms. — This interesting variety of delirium, although not noticed

and Galen appears to have adopted this practice. This was also

ing over several years. In a certain proportion of cases there will be

tion of the right arm. Death followed in thirty-four hours ; an-

where the mean temperature of the }^ear is not far from 50° Fahr. In

A great deal depends upon the extent and severity of the

ounces of blood have been withdrawn in this way from an adult, or

sult in a nerve-trunk, while a general electric shock, as a stroke of light-

out the latter stages of the disease, and when emaciation and

has been found in other viscera. "When the disease is recent, the

be, and are often mistaken for endocardial murmurs (Taylor,