necessary to distinguish, in the first instance, the intrinsic diseases

changeable with the rest, just as any one virus is uninterchangeable

perfectly motionless, but on the sound side it is immediately drawn

to correct the constitutional state which every now and then cul-

The phenomena presented by individual cases, capable of being

immediate cause of the sound is supposed to be exactly the same

arm, or distort the features more or less, but generally combined

rubbed on the chest in any of its regions. Amongst these the fre-

paralysis of functions, which allows the evidence of excitement to


inches by inspiration and about three by expiration.

inexact, difficult to use, and is open to other objections. More available

unimpaired. There are anxiety and sleeplessness. Constant and obsti-

Med.-Chir. Trans., vol. xxxi). The only cases for which it seems

the patient. In old persons it generally returns every winter, or

between such imaginary lines. The pulsations become irregular,

arm, and those which brace the shoulder-blade to the ribs. When

irritating or depressing cause, and the adjoining fibre, though in

ference, the mental faculties are affected last — e. g., tumors in the

I have repeatedly met with this condition in dead soldiers at the

clear urine, and great relief; and in some cases cures have resulted.]

the largest tents, and in the smaller ones it reached 127° Fahr.

Many districts in the East and West Indies, in Pennsylvania,

phies or enlargements, and should not be confounded with

miasmatic diseases (chiefly continued fevers), and those of the nervous

those of apoplexy. The morbid phenomena do not suddenly clisap-

easily than in health, from its attachment to the parts subjacent.

by rest, and frequently, also, by local or ing, &c. ; relieved by moderate exercise,

scess, nor gangrene are necessarily fatal ; authentic cases of recovery

given in the twenty-four hours. An adult took to the extent of

ence establishes, and which some think due to the demands which