may be seen in place of the primitive fibres (Galliet).
thought worthy of the consideration of the Society, which might
red blood, and shortly afterwards the red blood penetrates the web
Tuberculous, Scrofulous, or Strumous Diathesis, ..... 215-
Extravasation into the Pons Varolii and other parts. — Five cases
which sometimes remains after the eruption has died away. The
intermixed with numerous rounded bodies about the size of blood-corpus-
throughout the whole growth. The air-vesicles necessarily are de-
sues in some parts, and death results (Malmsten, of Sweden).
to life. The application of a few leeches, or the abstraction of a
the urine becomes more free from blood-corpuscles and albumen,
adult on record — no two of which occurred in the individual experi-
food, with fatigue and mental anxiety ; exposure to cold and wet.
slough to some opposed surface, such as to the liver, pancreas,
decoction should be used, such as linseed tea, to wash out the passage.
heat of above 99° Fahr. in a strumous person generally points to some
surface of the vocal cords is not perfectly horizontal ; in quiet respiration
its Therapeutics and Practice, by Dr. J. Solis Cohen; (an excellent abstract.)]
when first driven; if under the collar, the 'horse will keep
Hill's, Sanderson's & Weiss's Improyed Sphygmograph.
the flaccid face, with the natural position and motion of the eye-
Bankey, also manifest their influence on the central parts. Thus
verted by this means into a fine spray, it was thus scattered through the
and his colleagues, where there was absolute loss of sense of pain in the
apply hot fomentations for a few days. Then blister with—
pointed to great military expeditions, and a hoard of sanitary
granulations of a dark slate color (noir ardoise), of the size of a pea, and united by
patient's turning and pointing to the side; on pressing the
elder children are healthy, and the younger ultimately become the
excellent quality. It was found, however, that these heaps, wetted
Weber's laws were first applied, as methods of detecting and measuring
pleurisy or pneumothorax when they exist independently of each
follow a sudden check or suppression of the catamenia.
used ; but the best way is to expose a small piece of the organ — a cubic