limited, however, to certain portions of the surface, or to a limb, and ac-

the brain. There are many instances also of persons suffering from

The umbilical seat of the pain, which is also more early and severe ;

make the patient vary his position, and to examine the heart both

by which mineral waters, simple or medicated, were converted into fine

ing general nutrition, regimenal and other, should not be neglected, and

were supposed to be unavailing in such a disorder, the priests said

in the cephalo-rachidian fluid, according to the degree of atrophy.

should be allowed before deciding upon the future treatment.

cases of extreme gouty deposits (Garrod). As a general rule, how-

Afterwards grease with hog's lard every day until well.

solutions. The standard test-solutions are the same as in the pre-

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and the rhythm was frequently irregular. Associated with these

without the daily use of the microscope the treatment becomes at

of the hind parts. After driving a short distance it improves

clot or thrombus. (Edema of the limb prevailed, and the disappear-

Among other singular forms of hypochondriacal Insanity is a belief

This disease is always seen at the posterior aspect of the

Treatment is chiefly conducted by change of air and diet, and by

two diseases except by the previous history. The diagnosis, also,

a wild or anxious expression of the countenance will always

paper, one important method of investigation occurred to him, viz.,

In 98 cases I had 20 deaths, a mortality of 19 per cent. Under

caused by frost bites. A great many horses are abused by

Pathology. — Few diseases have been the subject of greater doubts

bronchial voice, and moist sounds, varying in site, degree, and intensity,

5. There is nearly always a frequent desire to micturate, espe-

nected with those diseases, and ascribed to a common origin.

puriform, and is occasionally streaked with blood. Fever con-

nance is generally intensified. The return of the respiratory mur-

or conciliate their aversions. Nothing can divert them from the