event of recovery, impairment of health more or less permanent is

the kidney, the practice of onanism, or excessive venery, the exist-

their intensity is more or less increased by suspension of the respi-

vical vertebra? gave pain ;" so also in cases of intercostal, lumbar,

Pressure over the region of the liver gives rise to marked indica-

necessary, and iron, quinine, and arsenic may be administered with ad-

Gerhard, Wales, Ottmar, Burr, Durand, Leonard, and Levick, have found

and epileptiform disorder, and from that time to this (1864) I have been

usually surviving one or more years in the worst cases.

Mount Sinai Hospital is maintained by Jews, and a large proixir-

pyaemia. He has called the attention of the profession to the subject

by means of a flannel cloth, and allowed to dry upon it. It should

observed that the administration of appropriate diet, and absti-

seem part and parcel of a process not simply suppurative, but in-

period some inbred morbid material is developed in the consti-

dominant ; and in the fourth there had been two previous attacks

March, there were cases in Boston ; in M.a,y, at Chicago, at Lelancl, and

respiratory acts, but the absolute quantity of the air breathed. (3.) It

The observations which appear to me to prove these statements

based on theoretical considerations alone, for he believes that, while excess

the piO.se, very much larger and more developed curves can be ob-

of the upper and lower limbs, and of the face, as well as of con*

The jxiints to which attention may be directed are : —

treatment a complete cure was effected. If the bones are-

in the nostrils reddish ulcerations appear, later becoming

ing" (see p. 153) of the large cells of the convoluted tubes. The

clusion that alcohol passes through the body unaltered in chemical

no doubt rather rusty in their knowledge of the inner ear, and were

broad distinctions observed in the varying forms of the disease, that

Characters of the Mucus and Epithelium from the Urinary Passages, . 937