3weakness and stupor; eyes swelled and watery. The mem-
4organ becomes affected on the disappearance of the disease from the
5Section IV. — Eelation of the Parts of the Heart and Great
6resembles the color of a mulatto, or of a bronzed statue from which
9cumstances," writes Dr. Walshe, " dilatation is a most serious dis-
11from the lesser splanchnic were greatly increased in size, as were
12The second stage is of very variable duration, the pulse is highly
13neuralgia, it must be admitted that the two disorders are only analogous
15or tuberculosis, is the usual designation of the specific malady of
16ever the heart is enlarged, or whenever fluid to any amount is
19stances trie nervous irritability seemed as much increased as in
20* Medico-Chirurgical Transactions, vol. xxxv, 1852. The chief points have been
21involved {Edin. Med. Journal, 1864, p. 1114). "When the sounds of
22tained in the living body operate in the same way, such as the
23placing in the hands of physicians a means of trying this plan of treat-
26Forms of Intestinal Obstruction and their Eelative Frequency, . . 882
27the influence of chloroform to facilitate the manipulations. "When
29of the pus evacuated. Into the opening thus made the little finger
30combined with the action of diuretics. The external application of
31obvious disposition niav be traced to symmetrical arrangement of
32Hygiology, and which are of the greatest importance to Practical
33paired digestion. Asthma occurring once a year is usually winter
35chlorine (37 per cent.) is nearly the same as the average in the
36cardium, covering the valves and lining the chambers of the heart.
37vessels, giving way of pulmonary tissue, indicating disease of the
39in the centrifugal fasciculi (anterior columns) it shows itself in the
41generally hidden, being deeply buried in the tissues, so that when
42diminution in the antero-posterior diameter of the infra-clavicular
43which have been injured, such as those which have been sprained,
44subjects beyond the age of fifty, and particularly in still more ad-