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choice lies between resection of a portion of rib and simple incision

emphysematous lungs. Much more rarely chronic consolidation

often by an evident fluctuation within the cavity of a joint ; and

opisthotonos" (Mass. Med. Society's Beport, p. 104, 1066). But the

and moisture, though not the primary cause of paludal disease, are

One of the most frequent results of acute rheumatism is the ten-

Besides loss of appetite, flatulence, heartburn, stomach-ache or col-

paludal fevers of this tropical disease-realm prevail in their greatest

bodies containing pigmentary matter (Bristowb, Trans, of Pathological

A peculiar softness of texture precedes ulceration, which simu-

In mild cases a scruple of rhubarb, or half an ounce of castor oil,

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then called pneumonia ; or the pleura may be inflamed — a condi-

bad shoeing, as uneven bearings, or contraction at the heel ;

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of the upper lobe. In the pneumonia of old persons it happens in one-

of the valves, or of the muscular tissue of the heart.

cases of 385 epileptics under his care, in the Hospital Salpetriere,

the vessel ; and large doses of opium, or of ether with chloroform,,