so far lost his mind that he assembled his family around him, and
if the strength of the patient is sufficient. Should the patient have
quently to the brain. Sudden and great vicissitudes of the weather,
alterations of the breath-sounds are constantly masked, or temporarily
few exceptions, cretins are goitrous ; and he also observes, that
comforts ( Thirty-first Report of the Murray Royal Institution, near
thoroughly, asr it is indicative of disease of the fangs.
liver, between which and the walls of the chest is interposed a thin
We do not yet know why one organ or texture should be either
middle of the bone, nearly on a line with the cartilage of the fourth
suming the existence of such nutritive centres, all the clinical phenomena
transmission of the cancerous constitution. (4.) In active growth
blood is to be regarded as a secondary phenomenon, due to the absorp-
Daniel H. Tuke justly states, any classification must be regarded
That the absolute weight of the brain is slightly increased in the
noteworthy. There can be no doubt as to how these membranes
ena. One of Duchenne's cases was an idiot, and another nearly so.
constituting distinct diseases; such, for instance, as the joint or
system cannot be surpassed either in a physiological or patho-
Coagulation of the blood is prevented by Calcium chloride, 40 grains a day, was given
finally, sweating, in the extreme stage of ancemia. It occurs most
diseased state of the membranes of the stems of the bloodvessels.
afterwards in a separate work, entitled Leueocythaimia, or White-cell
scopically, and found that the fluid was not pus ; and to show that
at every age, and the thickness increases as age advances. The
nature is clearly established, must be guided by the rules already
policy is to become a good and patient listener ; and if he has a
small-pox, in constitutional syphilis, and may be caused by cold, or mus-
check the vomiting. Two or three large doses of quinia with opium