erysipelas, gout, and trichinous disease (see page 843, vol. i).
ditions to be particularly noted, are perversions of function in the skin,
coma — an epileptic state. After this, clinical observations by practical
sults, which showed that when the bronchi were plugged with exu-
perfectly motionless, but on the sound side it is immediately drawn
Diseases belonging to this order are represented by rheumatism
gus ; but the chronic forms of inflammation probably often lay the
clear fluid; there are no blood-cells (Waters). The lining membrane of
sive disease of the vessels, both large and small, especially towards
11 cases, from 20 to 50, 21, and from 50 to 60, 2. Morgagni mentions a
accompanied with a discharge of mucus from the urethra, which
disease of the latter, producing an actual change in the urine. Af-
lent sputa, — that no room is left for doubting the accession of sup-
does not descend along the upper and forearm to the hand, but,
these parts are the immediate seats of the origins of the nerves, they
tions still remain — namety, What is the nature of the noxious agent
wards a hundred, but small, jerking, and regular to the last ;" as
for fat or warmth, and none of those luxuries which are supposed
to reflex action and probable contraction of bloodvessels — namely,
the axilla were taken hourly during the day — from nine in the
be only in such quantity as to render the serum turbid, or so ex-
lateralis muscle of the affected side (Mackenzie). The disease is prob-
(5.) The long continuance and frequent recurrence of symptoms,' or
chloride of iron (fifteen minims], three times a day, may at the same
inverted in the mirror. — (a.) Epiglottis; (b, b'.) Arytenoid cartilages ; (rand I.) Eight
was found to be loaded with white corpuscles." In all the cases
vious disease of the brain or of its membranes, it must be admitted
by a great amount of direct and indirect testimony ; but two ques-
Colloid, Colloid Cancer, or Alveolar Cancer, is sometimes also called
after death had not lieen diagnosed during life. .After making
and deficient in force. Febrile paroxysms are persistent, and of
disease is dissolved albumen, which exists in various' conditions,