2It is principally endemic in that portion of Hindostan called the
3appellation, as many have since done. Hunter's opinion was founded
4Med.-Chir. Trans., vol. xxxi). The only cases for which it seems
6are found most frequently and most abundantly within the fissure
8at its base; its muscular tissue loses its strise and becomes granular; and
103. Motorial. — Strabismus and muscular twitchings occur. The
11ture, change and are united ; so that the season which realizes the
13tion is alike common to all. In most cases marked peripheral lesions
14young and vigorous subjects, it is harmful, is now very generally admitted.
15(3.) The use of Wines and other alcoholic beverages.
16tion of the trachea, with a certain force which favours diltusion
17There is reason, therefore, to believe, that the effective cause of epi-
19tion to prove this position." (Oil Diseases of the Joints.) Dr. T. K.
21murs, as already described, may prevail. It is to be observed, how-
24that their degeneration, destruction, or removal is prejudicial to life itself.]
26on and insinuates itself between the muscular fibres, that it con-
27must, in spite of the opinion of Virchow, be considered likely, from the
28frequent of all the nervous phenomena which in the convalescence of
29commonly indicative of capillary bronchitis with scanty secretion ;
32they maj' be stained of a brownish color, besides blood-corpuscles and
33of the two lungs separate — namely, at- the spot between the fourth
34Treatment: — If the case is a mild one, exercise moderately
36a convex disc, by which it is minutely divided, producing a very fine
37"When it is remembered how frequently slight, short, and ill-defined
38some definite relationship does exist between morbid conditions in
39deaths to admissions from beriberi is above 26 per cent., and amongst
40those of abdominal soreness and uneasiness than of pain, together
41under their use the pain of a paroxysm of gout abate in seven hours
42citrate of iron and ammonia is another remedy which possesses