alterations of structure, the dropsy may disappear with the cure

it as differing from pulmonary consumption in its origin, progress, and

thalami, or the pons Varolii, the result is rapid death ; and generally

and after the latter dusting the reddened skin of the epigastrium with

mucous membrane seems studded with granulations, probably due

lungs, and especially towards those surfaces most directly under

20 c. c.) in a beaker, and gently warm it, and bring it under the burette

between 98° and 100° Fahr. The applications should be continued

conditions included in the term intestinal stasis ; he thought it

applied to the surface below the clavicles in the female, and below

effused fluid. When the effusion is more considerable, the respira-

cians are now at one as to the propriety of preserving the general

with a higher pitch of the percussion-note and slightly increased resist-

marked at one period than at another. perfect intermissions.

secreted products; the epithelial cells undergo various arrests or

ing difficulty of breathing — in two amounting to stertor — and by

first attack may leave no trace behind, though slight stiffness and a crack-

move, but lies with outstretched limbs as quietly as possible, for

in some, peculiar growths, as in cancers; in some, or indeed in

side the space between tjae lower border of the lung and the false

of the skin, has been divided into the yellow, the green, and the

the nerves of sensation. Such various forms of palsy, or paralysis, are

formic acids, were detected (Neio Syden. Society Year-Book^ 1860, p.

cure, while mercuiy has been found for the most part, not only not

of the infusion of digitalis, and tenor fifteen minims of antimonial wine.

fluid blood, and much sanguineous effusion between the dura mater

In this part of its course it is still within the pericardial sac, and

cases of intussusception in which portions of bowel are reported

Section II. — Diseases of the Hollow Yiscera of the Abdomen.