re-absorbed by the system, when a fatal termination may be
there is no persistent, special, or permanent loss of power of In-
may be doubtful, especially if air finds its way into the cavity
{b) Resection of humerus for sarcoma. The patient, a boy
8. Palpitation often not much com- 8. Palpitation often much complained
these observations, by experiments, followed by those of Dr. G. 0.
the matter of the injection does not, according to Dr. Bright, pene-
terminations of the disease. The mean duration Of the cases end-
been known to induce the paralysis. Of traumatic lesion the facial
it in large doses, the magnetic oxide of iron is the best preparation
The following are the kinds of lesions which predominate :
age ; and whenever the disease comes on, if it repeat itself frequently, it
Some parts of the lungs had all the appearance of true interstitial
ruptured vessels could not be distinctly made out. The serous
consequently the phrenic nerves, affected ; while Laennec mentions
probably arises from the alkali having absorbed carbonic acid; and in
recommended, and on pathological grounds it is not justifiable. !N"o
ing the membrane entire. Corvisart, on the other hand, says they
asthma ; and emphysema is a frequent consequence of that disease
observing the changes in the tension of the arteries, produced by
fully to increase the capacity of the chest, and its walls are kept
the thickness is more considerable, the cohesion of parts, instead *of
specific disorder, with constant symptoms, and therefore ought,
eral. In the case of the repeated attacks the heart was fatty, as
is complicated, and the existence of hereditary predisposition to
and bring the edges of the wonnd together, and fasten with
nipulation requiring a keen sense of touch are imperfectly executed. Pa-
strength of the patient and the severity of the attack ; and if pain
the parts below the injury. In a few cases, however, the effects of
Though the palpitations happen chiefly during exercise, they may occur
(a) Contracted segment of intestine below the obstacle. Fig. 67. Stage of extreme
ought to be repeated, so as to maintain a surface at a distance from
back from the level of the "seat" upwards, in imbricated layers, by
in health. The over-susceptible rather than the eccentric man is
Definition. — '•'■Inflammation, with suppuration of the substance of the
retted hydrogen ; and another class owe their powers chiefly to the iron