patient is feeble, emaciated, or greatly exhausted. Four or five
or less present in other hepatic disorders, and are not characteristic of
such symptoms (hemorrhoids excluded) are justly regarded as
and the lips and nostrils slightly livid. The pulse is frequent and
tain proportion of cases immediately brought on shooting pain in
larity of the membranes of the spinal marrow. — [Dub. Jotir. of Med. Science, May,
progress of the disorder, and sustain the vital powers. A hot bath [102°-
temper, and no consistency* in the views held and expressed from day to
umns of the cord, and the roots issuing therefrom) by no means ac-
the state of feeble tension, or easy passage of the blood onwards,
portant demonstrations of Virchow, there had appeared the obser-
to support her, she continued sitting for many minutes. One arm
Allbutt, and others. The importance of ophthalmoscopic explorations,
observations of Laennec ; and thus the view of this morbid state,
tion of the whole fold occur. That explained why the fold was
rapidly and in such numbers throughout the lungs as to give rise
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