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tremities, the patient becomes tired after little exertion, and has a pecu-
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one and sometimes another occurring first ; but parenchymatous
4. In the dead subject there are found in the heart and in the
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It is necessary, therefore, to look for some primary disease to
the group, which shrivels and contracts upon itself. The disease
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richs, believing that carbonate of ammonia is the real poison in these
symptoms. Some, however, are inclined to regard the acute or first
of bleeding my patients, and putting them on low diet, and keeping them
During thirty days the pulse ranged from 116, the lowest, to 178,
until he can take a deep breath freely, or till he feels faint and ex-
tubes, but the straight usually contain more or less of the same material.
tent to associate the phenomena of such latent inflammations with
and it is not wonderful that the sufferer longs for the sleep of death.
Third. To prevent the recurrence of fresh exudation by careful atten-
Class I.— Substances Suspended in the Urine which have never