By this plan, tubes are often detached also, but these structures are
Latin Eq., Endocarditis; French Eq., Endocardite ; German Eq., Endocarditis;
the fever and local pains are gone in three or four days, but in the
place without bronchitis, but in general bronchitis accompanies it.
general bleeding, and an antiphlogistic and by stimulants or tonics, particularly
may be considered as typical and distinct ; and other forms may be
to be so distributed to the systemic capillaries. A patulous condi-
of its existence, there are only seven cases of intussusception in the
(a) The first is characterized by islets of connective tissue between the
a sense of resistance on percussion at the base, and surmounted
ment in the open air, in fact — has been shown by Mr. Paget to be
testinal discharges, &c. The attendant general condition is always one
that, under ordinary methods of treatment, the disease endures
where the mean temperature of the }^ear is not far from 50° Fahr. In
system, improve the condition of the blood, and so induce a more
of the cell in which they are inclosed ; of a more regular form, being
(Stokes). Any large increase of fluid at once betrays itself, especi-
utes every hour, or oftener if the men are exhausted, and a longer
existence in the wine are then very different from those which
The experience of the indigo-planter is to the same effect. In
the course of the disease. It regulates the different actions and
artery within the thorax. The right pulse shows the trace of an-
the army ? He is satisfied that the barrack is to the soldier in the pro-
force is also dependent upon its gray matter is rendered probable
or less diseased ; so that alcohol probably acts as a specific poison
tween 1512 and 2365 per 1000; in Jamaica, between 1389 and 2423; in
was 120, and weak. Her fasces and urine had been voided in bed.
(11.) Amphoric respiration gives the sensation of blowing into a large
eases." According to Virchow, tuberculosis is the local process in
either side of the heel you will find it hard and unyielding,
specifically on the heart and arteries, causing not only temporary
Prognosis and Treatment of Angina Pectoris, ...... 645