percussion. In the female it can only be confounded with preg-
acteristic phenomenon. A disposition to erysipelas has also been
anterior regions, the arms hanging loosely at the sides. To explore the
tion of this acute form of the disease is estimated at about three
cease for a few days and then repeat. Should there be a
But in the statistics which bear upon the treatment of pneu-
there is a feeling of heaviness, languor, or agitation, followed by loss of
examples of granular casts, with more or less decayed and broken-
tain sanguineous fluid (Moulin, Sieveking). The cerebral walls
a female subject, a large ulcer occupied the lower wall of the
good for a time, and then has appeared to cease ; and in a fifth, and yet
said to begin with Harvey ; but the subject can hardly be said to
Table showing Number of Deaths from Sunstroke in the City of New York,
safe, is through its being sterihsed by boihng at the hands of the
the only evidence after death of the existence of any approach to
of the lung, [along with purulent expectoration, sometimes sudden
several days. The most marked feature is delirium, commencing
occurs (3.) Palpitation, with the cessation of which (4.) The pulse
fatal illness has been variously described. In eight of the cases
mean period of about two years earlier, and in females at a mean
coolisme, Dictionnaire Encyclopedique, t. 2ieme, 1865. Marcet W. : On Chronic Al-
gerated facility of reflex movement, chiefly in the muscles subject to the
cod-liver oil, arsenic, or steel, or a combination of some of them,
means now insisted upon are carried out to the uttermost.
sides of the lengthened controversy, let him consult (1.) The original
tissues. . . . There is much in these changes which reminds us forcibly
densation, atrophy, and emphysema. In some cases the respiration is
struct the onward flow of blood, or to permit regurgitation through
epilepsy. When they occur, it is almost always at the period of
2. The sickness in Jamaica among White Troops is represented