time or in intensity, may, by paralyzing the vaso-motor nerves, lead to

degeneration in other organs is very common, and which in some cases

All the observations and inquiries on this subject tend to the con-

and another is the flattening of the diaphragm, which always exists

while standing its legs are spread apart, acting merely as props

noid and the pia mater, and the effusion of serum or of pus in the same

aortic valve predominates. In the more severe cases in which the

while the more special sensation of rupture, alluded to by some

the constitutional disease which prevails ; and occasionally the cap-

Trousseau) — a sense of sinking — or a fluttering, or a weight, or soreness, or

nerves of the supra-renal capsules are composed only of embryonic

Recovery, permanent arrest of the palsy, or death, are the various

ary waves. The first secondary wave occurs earlier than in the

occurred ; while in the intervals, and subsequently, the urine was

so as to render the scale continuous, which is passed around the chest

throat, and tightness across the upper part of the chest.

typhoid, stimulants, tonics, and nourishment are required. In the chronic

powerlessness of muscle. The patient, although inhaling deeply,

to practice, they become the most successful physicians. The}*"

auscultation combined, that the existence of pneumonia can be deter-

When pain is present, it is found to be in most instances aggra-

senal are built was a marsh of about 700 acres, and on either side

of the body. The fibres of the posterior commissure have a parallel

curvature of the stomach, and more densely packed at the pyloric

disease, especially of the lungs. This is strongly seen in the min-

latitude in the range of the specific weights of the glands. The

being at once relieved. In other words, the elastic force, which is

it did not exist it has been alleged that time was not afforded be-

Ecker, and Frey show that these little organs are glands. It is true that

Diseases belonging to this order are represented by rheumatism